Landscape Consultancy

I believe that the green space in our gardens and public landscapes can be designed and managed in a way that promotes healthy ecological practice and encourages people to engage and learn about the natural world.

I collaborate with my clients to create and manage gardens that are both beautiful and environmentally positive landscapes. Crafting beautiful evocative naturalistic landscapes that look and function sympathetically within the local landscape. Plantings that don’t just look good, but, are better adapted to their site, richly layered and resilient.

Landscaping and gardening land with natural processes enables you to go beyond reduce reuse and recycle. It can:

  • Restore green corridors, healthy stable soils and watercourses.
  • Renew soft landscaping that can capture both carbon and water, minimise flood risk and build back microbial life.
  • Reinforce an intimate relationship with the natural world and a new way of gardening.
  • Regenerate a mosaic of habitat and structural complexity to aid invertebrate life.


Specification and management regimes for naturalistic gardens; meadow plantings and restoration; tree plantings; edible forest gardens; coppices; ponds; wetlands; green roof/substrate plantings and rain gardens.

Expert planting design work including preparation of the site and soil advice (crucial for meadow and ‘wild’ plant communities); planting design schemes; planting plans; plant sourcing and seed specification.

Professional horticultural advice and guidance for sustainable garden management, small scale ecological restoration proposals and habitat creation.